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Types of Breasts Implants and Most Recommended Brands to Breasts Surgery

February 08, 2018

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Breast ImlplantsThere is a great diversity of breasts implants, so it's common to have doubts on what kind of implants you could choose for breasts surgery. To decide what are the best implants, it is important that you have the consultancy of a qualified plastic surgeon, who has the right knowledge and needed experience to help you.

Breasts implants are classified according to different standards:
Size of breasts implantsThere are different options when it comes to they size. Usually, they go between 125 cc and 450 cc. To choose the right one, the best is to listen to your plastic surgeon's advice, as he is the one who will evaluate your case and talk about the most adequate implants for you.
Content of breasts implantsIn the surgery world, the most common types of breasts implants are those that include cohesive silicone gel and those that are fill with physiological serum (saline solution). However, these last ones are less and less used. Cohesive silicone gel breasts implants regularly don't lose their shape as the years go by, their breakage rate is very low, and they have high resistance. If they suffer small scratches, the gel won't come out of the implants.

On the other hand, physiological serum implants have as a main benefit the fact that the incision made during surgery is of small dimensions, as they are introduced empty and they are filled inside the breasts. In addition, if they deteriorate or break, the body absorbs the content with no harm.
Surface of breasts implantsBreasts implants' wrappers can be smooth or textured. Usually, smooth implants are introduced behind the chest muscle, while the textured ones can be put over the chest muscle.
Smooth implants offer the next advantages: they give a better touch sensation, as they are softer than textured ones; they require a smaller incision; their movement is more natural, because they don't stick to any surrounded tissue; when they are used, the probability of infections is lower, and, if they appear, this type of implant responds better to treatment with antibiotics.

Textured implants present the following benefits: they have a thicker external layer, so they are more resistant and durable, which decreases the probability of breakages; because of its good adherence to breasts tissue, undesirable displacements are reduced and the risk of undulations in the implants is lower. Due to the design of the surface, there is a lower risk of developing capsular contractures, which consists of an exaggerated healing process around the implant, which causes a hardening of the breast.
Breasts implants' profileBreasts implants' profile is the measure of forward projection that the implant has when viewed from a lateral perspective; that is, the height of the implant that will give the degree to which it protrudes in the thorax.
There are high implants' profiles, which they have a major projection and small base. Low profiles, which have a big base and are more flattened. And moderate profiles, which they are in between the last ones mentioned. The profile's choice is made after certain patient's characteristics, like the size of the thorax and the mammary gland.
Shape of the breasts implantsBreasts implants can be anatomic or rounded shaped. Anatomic have raindrop shape and their inferior part has more volume. Their appearance it's close to the woman's breast.

They are usually used in reconstructive breasts interventions and also in esthetical procedures done in women that have more volume in the upper breasts area.

Type of ImplantsRounded shaped ones have a uniform distribution of their content; their high and wide dimensions are almost the same. Usually, it is used in case the breasts are dirty, but they are a little bit down.

I prefer using rounded implants. I consider anatomic implants fill too much the lower poles of the breasts, which causes the upper area to look flatter and the breasts down. On the other hand, if the implant turns, it could change the breasts' shape. This doesn't happen when they are rounded.
Brands of breasts implantsIn the market there are different brands of breasts implants. Some of the most recommended are Natrelle, CUI, Mentor, Nagor, approved by the Food and Drug Administration of United States.
On the other hand, all breasts implants use in Colombia must have the health registration granted by the National Institution of Food and Medication.

It's important that you have the adequate consultancy of a plastic surgeon that helps you choose the best breasts implants for you. In my clinic, patients have the opportunity of trying the different breasts implants that I offer, looking in the mirror and telling me which ones make them feel more satisfied with. I give then advice so that the final decision goes well with the rest of the body.

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