Calf Augmentation

Both men and women want better defined and aesthetically pleasing and most of all. This is especially true of people who have thin extremities and can't increase the diameter in the calf zone with exercise. There are several implant designs that can be inserted into their legs. The implants are chosen using the following parameters: the patient's gender, height, and the leg volume they are looking for. During consultations, I make sure that the right implant is chosen to give the patient's legs a natural appearance.
The ProcedureFour-centimeter incisions are made on the back of the knee to keep them hidden. Then I insert the implant between the muscle and the skin. Next, I carefully stich up the incisions so the scars remain thin and hidden in the fold of the leg. Lastly, I cover the area with a bandage.

The procedure takes about one hour, and I can use general or local anesthesia. However, the procedure can take if a calf reconstruction is needed. The recovery time is three days. A month later, the patient must follow several instructions before beginning to exercise again.

This procedure is also known as twin augmentation implants, which are semi-solid, spindle-shaped, malleable implants. In other words, they adapt themselves to the shape of the muscle, so the leg looks natural.

Calf Augmentation Procedure
After the surgery, you must follow my directions word for word:
Avoid lifting weight and physical exertion for two weeks. The implants can stay in permanently. This is an advantage because the patient will not need to undergo further procedures. If you follow my instructions, the outcome of the surgery will be positive.