Facial Implants

Many patients feel uncomfortable with how their face looks. Some people are born with a receding chin or their face's midsection is flat, especially around their cheeks. Facial implants are a safe way to permanently make these areas of the face look more balanced.

Nowadays, there are a great variety of facial implants that plastic surgeons can use to augment the cheeks, chin, and mandibular angle.
The First VisitDuring the first visit, I will determine the size of the implants you need depending on the space you have available around your cheekbones, chin, and jaw. This examination is essential, as the structure of each patient's face is different. As a certified surgeon, I'm responsible for your wellbeing. My job is to choose the implant that best suits your facial structure to avoid an unnatural look or exaggerated facial features.

Facial Implants Types
Cheek ImplantsWhen the midsection of the patient's face is flat, a cheek implant is a viable option for filling in the space between their eyes and chin. During this procedure, I make incisions on the inside of the mouth above the upper gums. This makes it easier for me to access the malar bones and fill in the available space. Then I attach the implants to the malar bone with screws or stitches. I can use general or local anesthesia for this procedure. It usually lasts about an hour. After the procedure is over, the patient's cheeks look fuller and more prominent without looking unnatural.
Chin ImplantsPatients who are born with a receding chin or just want to increase the projection of their chin often request chin surgery, which is also known as mentoplasty. During this procedure, I insert a silicone implant through the mouth, near the lower gums to avoid visible scars. The result is a prominent and even chin that complements the rest of the face, especially with the nose and lips. This is an outpatient procedure that can be done with general or local anesthesia depending on the patient's wishes.
Mandibular Angle ImplantThis is a surgical procedure that's often requested by men, as it's designed to change the projection of the lower jaw and make it look more balanced and prominent. Mandibular surgery is performed intraorally, or in other words, inside the mouth. The results tend to be very positive. The procedure lasts approximately an hour, and I use general anesthesia.