Non-surgical Procedures

Non-surgical ProceduresWomen and men in this century are very aware of their appearance and how every part of their body looks like. Often, when a specific area of their body makes them feel uncomfortable, they look for medical guidance that allows them to find the best option to improve what is bothering them. Thanks to numerous technological advances, nowadays, there are many plastic surgeries to eliminate, reduce, augment, fill, or lift any tissue in the body so it has the desired shape.

Just as there are patients who agree with the possibility of entering the operating room to change their body, others prefer to stay on the sidelines and opt for aesthetic treatments without incisions or sutures. These procedures are known as "non-invasive" or "minimally invasive," and they have very positives outcomes in patients.

As a certified plastic surgeon in Colombia, I have authorization from the Colombian Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery to do these kinds of treatments at my office, giving you the confidence that the results will be what you expect and don't have any risks. My extensive career as a plastic surgery specialist allows me to guarantee that my main priority is to put your health ahead of any procedure.

A big advantage of these minimally invasive treatments is that you can perfect any trait or physical detail you wish without having to go into an operating room. Some of them give you the same benefits as a conventional surgical procedure, and they can better match your budget.
Some aesthetic procedures that I offer at my office are: