Breast Reduction

When a girl starts menstruating, certain changes happen in her body that promote the growth of her breasts. Some patients develop smaller mammary tissue and seek breast augmentation, while others come to my office to get a breast reduction, as they suffer from mammary hypertrophy. Patients are diagnosed with this condition when the volume of their breasts is excessive and causes discomfort.

The most common problems caused by this condition include prominent breast sagging, back and neck pain, rashes where the bra meets the skin, shoulder injuries, rashes in the breast folds, and even respiratory problems. This often causes women to suffer from chronic conditions that make breast reduction necessary to alleviate their discomfort.

Breast reduction, or reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that I perform to notably reduce breast size by removing skin, fat, and tissue. This procedure makes breasts smaller, firmer, rounder, and lighter depending on the patient's build. Furthermore, this surgical procedure can be complemented with an areola reduction so that the breasts will look more natural.

This procedure is usually done to alleviate physical pain and other problems. The most common reason why women seek breast reduction is because they are concerned about the excessive size of their breasts and the physical discomfort it causes. A large number of these patients suffer from physical discomfort while performing daily activities and have a hard time finding clothes that adequately fit them.
Candidates for Breast ReductionWomen ages 17 or older whose breasts have fully developed and suffer from the aforementioned problems or don't feel comfortable with their breast size.

Breast Reduction Procedure
The ProcedureBefore surgery, I mark and measure both of the patient's breasts in order to determine the amount of skin and tissue that needs to be removed. I use general anesthesia for this procedure. First, I make an incision following the marks I had previously placed on the patient. Then I remove excess skin, internal tissue, and fat to give the patient smaller and firmer breasts. When the excess tissue has been discarded, I carefully stitch up the incision so that the scar is thin and becomes barely noticeable over time.

Depending on the patient's breast size or how severe their mammary hypertrophy is, I will determine what needs to be done to make the breasts look as beautiful and natural as possible. As a certified surgeon, I provide an individualized service to each patient, as no two patients are alike. This procedure is outpatient and can last between two to three hours.

Recovery lasts approximately four days, and contrary to common belief, discomfort is minimal and can be easily alleviated through medication that I can prescribe. The final results usually become visible within six months after the procedure.

If you follow all my recommendations, you will make a very good recovery and your breasts will look just like you wanted.