Body Aesthetic Surgery

Body Aesthetic Surgery is the branch of medicine that is responsible for correcting any imperfection with your body or improving an area of your body that you want to accentuate. Most of the time, my patients come to my office because they feel a little self-conscious or have low self-esteem. The plastic surgeries that I offer have two objectives: improve the areas that people want to change and enhance their self-esteem, as this will make them feel more confident.

As a specialist who is certified by the Colombian Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, I am highly qualified to perform a wide variety of aesthetic procedures, depending on the needs you describe at my office. My extensive career allows me to perform surgeries to improve shape, define curves, tone areas like the abdomen, or perfect the shape of the glutes. Besides, I can reduce excess skin from limbs, increase or reduce breast size, as well as vaginal surgeries to improve the sensitivity and appearance of the genital area.

Body Aesthetic Surgery
There is an endless list of plastic surgeries for all areas of the body. My objective as an expert in aesthetic medicine is to please and guide my patients through their best options when choosing a surgical procedure. For this reason, during the first consultation, I evaluate the area to be operated on, as well as important details about your life so I can be sure that you are in optimal conditions for surgery.

During the first meeting, you need to tell me about your life: if you work out or if you play any sports, if you have any diseases, if you undergo any treatments, or if you take any medications. Also, it is essential for you to tell me if you smoke, because if you do, you need to stop before getting plastic surgery in order to avoid complications.After I have all the information that I need, we will talk about the surgical procedure, type of anesthetic that I use, and the duration of the surgery.

Based on the change I will make to your body or the area I will operate on, I will choose the right type of anesthetic, as all procedures are different. While some surgeries, like abdominoplasty, require general anesthetic, others only need local anesthetic and sedation.

In the post-operative period, I will indicate the treatment and special care for you to follow to ensure a prompt recovery. Each case is different, as well as each patient and plastic surgery. But more likely than not, I will prescribe you medicine for pain, swelling, and infection. Regarding the care, what I always recommend is: rest, walk slowly to activate circulation, sleep on your back and avoid lifting weight. If you follow my suggestions, you will surely have a positive recovery.
Some of the body aesthetic surgeries I perform are: