Buttocks Augmentation

After breast augmentation, buttocks augmentation, or gluteoplasty, is one of the most requested procedures by women. Patients come to me and ask, "Which option is better: buttocks augmentation with silicone implants or fat injection." My answer is always the same: "It depends on your body and the shape of your glutes." As a certified plastic surgeon, I will determine which method is best without disregarding the wishes of my patients.

Silicone Implants

I can perform buttocks augmentation with silicone implants that are specifically designed for your glutes. First, I will make an incision in the crease of the buttocks to insert the implant behind the muscle. Next, I will put the silicone in place, stich up the incision, and then you are ready for the recovery room. If my medical team and I determine that everything is fine after two hours, you can go home and follow my instructions for recovery.

Gluteal Augmentation

Fat Grafting

The second procedure that I can perform is buttocks augmentation with fat grafting. This procedure precedes liposuction.

I take fat from another part of the body and process it so it can be injected into the buttocks. Next, I shape the injected area until it acquires the desired shape. Most of the time, this technique requires stitches due the small size of the incisions.

Both operations are safe and get excellent results. I avoid the risk of injecting substances into the body that could cause side effects. Buttocks augmentation with fat grafting does not carry this risk.

The procedures that I perform can add volume and shape to your buttocks. I can correct flaccidity and cellulite and diminish fat tissue that has accumulated in adjacent areas of the body. The result is a natural and attractive buttocks. Both methods can be done with local anesthesia and sedation if you want.

Patients not only come to me to augment their buttocks, but also to reduce them. I usually perform this procedure along with abdominal liposuction or another procedure in different area of the body so that the patient ends up with a tight figure that accentuates their buttocks without overdoing it.
Post-Operative RecoveryAvoid sleeping face up. Instead, sleep face down or on your side. Also, avoid sitting down or lifting heavy weight. Postpone any activity that requires physical effort. If you are sore, I can prescribe you medications that will quickly alleviate your pain.