Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most common aesthetic procedures in Colombia, as well as one with the highest levels of satisfaction among my patients. I perform this procedure using general anesthetics, by making a tiny incision in the lower region of the areola, as not to leave a scar. The breast augmentation procedure can take from 1 to 2 hours and is an ambulatory plastic surgery. To properly recover, you must rest between 3 to 5 days and follow important indications such as, sleeping on your back facing up, avoid carrying heavy weight, walking to promote blood flow throughout your organism and using a post-surgery brassier for a month.
Type of implantsThere's a great difference between breast implants, they vary between brands, as well as in texture, design and materials. Of them, silicone implants are what I mostly use in the breast surgeries I perform; they're composed of silicone gel, that's no other than a chemically inert polymer, in other words, it's safe from any reaction once the person is using it. Also, they're biocompatible and oxide resistant.

Newer implants being produced are more durable than those we used a while back. Nowadays, my patients can remain with their implants indefinably, being the desire of removing them or wanting a to change the volume of their implant the only cause for the need of a further surgical procedure. Furthermore, with the silicone implants I use, the risk of rupture is almost inexistent; which is one of its most valuable benefits.

Breast AugmentationSurgical PlanIn your first visit, you must specify what you wish to be done on your breast and I will tell you, upon evaluation, what I can accomplish; To do this, I must measure your breasts and determine which size of implant is the most adequate for you. The implants must match accordingly to your height and weight, or otherwise they'll look less natural. In your first visit, you must also tell me about your lifestyle: diet, any medication you may consume or medical treatment you might be under to treat an illness.
Furthermore, it's very important you notify me if you exercise daily or practice a certain sport. All that information will help me design the ideal surgical plan for you.
Implant testAs a plastic surgery specialist, I'm in full capacity to decide since before surgery, the size, shape and placement (submuscular or subglandular) that better suits you in order to obtain positive results. In the visit prior to the breast augmentation surgery, I'll show you, through samples placed underneath your clothes, an approximate result of what you will get with the implant. This will allow you to get a clear picture of your new breast size and verify that it will look harmonious with your body shape and will meet with any expectation you had in mind.
Implant placementI place the implants through an incision no longer that four centimeters long, in the lower limit of the areola. By doing this, the scar remains hidden, leaving my patients very comfortable with the result. There are two placement options in which the silicone implant can be located, below the muscle tissue or above it, being covered by mammary glandular tissue. Your breast's characteristics will determine your options. You will be fit for your daily activities after 5 days of rest, but you should avoid sudden efforts until indicated. The same goes with physical exercises or sports training; Only when I consider that your body is fully recovered, can you return to your sporting activities.